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I worked as a lawyer for about eight years, now I’ve been a translator for almost twenty years and I’m still looking for new challenges.

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I specialize in commercial contracts, corporate governance documents, procedural documents and judgments, criminal law.

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Well, I’ve always loved learning languages, although I could say I’ve done a bit of beating around the bush for a while, so to speak: I graduated in law and was admitted to practice as a lawyer, so I tried to work as an attorney, but it wasn’t for me. I loved words, but not defending cases in court.

So I changed, It wasn’t as easily done as said, but not that difficult, either. I knew I was changing for the better. So now here I am, I love studying the law, if not practicing it, and I love languages, so I enjoy what I do very much.

I also love gardening, reading,travelling, writing poems and stories, my cat, my family, going to the theater and watching movies, not necessarily in that order.


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6 Via Felice Romani
Genova, Genova 16122

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